Pokemon GO Fest 2021: No ticket? No problem

Today we're taking a peek at all the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 features and releases that'll happen for you, regardless of if you have a ticket. The event will cost you $5 if you want ALL the features and releases Niantic has to offer, but there ARE going to be some features and releases that appear in the game Pokemon GO during the event regardless of if you've purchased a ticket.

If you're looking for wild spawn Pokemon, you'll be seeing different Pokemon in "hourly habitats". This means that every hour, on the hour, you'll find different sorts of Pokemon spawning in your area. To begin, you'll find a Jungle Habitat: non-shiny Froakie and potentially Shiny Aipom and Scyther!

Second is a Desert Mountain Habitat, including a Shieldon and potentially Shiny Hippopotas and Skarmory. Ocean Beach Habitat is next, with potentially Shiny Alomomola, Swablu, and Dratini. Cave Habitat will include Galarian Stunfisk and potentially Shiny Deino and Roggenrola.

Regardless of your location on the planet and in no particular biome, you'll find newly SHINY versions of Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Chimecho, Audino, Tymbole, Palpitoad, and Seismitoad. Those will all be out there in the wild, starting on day 1 of this event!

On Saturday you'll start to see new Raid Battle Pokemon. Hitmontop and Cranidos will be ready to roll without Shiny editions, Deino will appear potentially Shiny. There'll also be potentially Shiny and/or Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Zigzagoon with special costumes.

This event's newly dropped Pokemon eggs in 7km size will feature Chingling! You'll also find potentially Shiny versions of Igglybuff and Audino.

All lure modules activated during the hours of the event will last for 3 hours! Eggs placed in Incubators during the event will hatch twice as fast as normal. The app will play new music during this event, specially crafted by Pokemon music creator Junichi Masuda.

This all happens on Day 1 of the event, there'll be more on Day 2! Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Day 1 takes place on Saturday, July 17, 2021, starting at 10AM local time and lasting until 6PM local time.