Pokemon GO Fest 2020 event revealed: Ticket "steps" being taken

Today we're taking a look at the next big Pokemon GO event, an event that would've been in-person if it hadn't been for our current global pandemic with COVID-19. This event will be held on June 25 and June 26, and it'll feature some of the world's most beloved and popular Pokemon. Where the 2019 global event was held in Chicago, Dortmund, and Yokohama, this year the events will take place with a "completely reimagined global event in virtual format."

This year's Pokemon GO Fest will feature bonuses for all, like events in the past. This event will be far more inclusive of all people, all around the world, regardless of physical location. This makes a whole lot of sense given recommended Social Distancing regulations worldwide.

The 2020 Pokemon GO Fest event will be a 2-day experience, where past events have been two days, but basically the same experience on both days. While the event will be global, it will still require a ticket. BUT, "since the event is now global, [Niantic is] taking steps to make tickets available to as many Trainers as possible."

While this could mean that the tickets will be free – that's not likely. Instead, they'll probably be slightly less expensive than they'd been in past events. They might also be available via in-game coins – but that's just as unlikely as free tickets – but we don't know just yet!

Because this event is so very different from past events, Niantic will be revealing details in a manner that's a bit more spread-out than previous events. You can expect a whole lot more information on the main event in about two weeks – with tiny smatterings of details, more than likely, in the code of the game before then. But we shall see!