Pokemon GO Fest 2020 checklist: How you should prepare tonight

The biggest event in the history of Pokemon GO will take place this weekend – are you prepared? Today we're running down a bunch of items you're going to need to make sure you've got available, a bunch of in-game elements you'll want to make sure you've taken care of, and a few fun bits and pieces. If you're planning on walking around your neighborhood during Pokemon GO Fest 2020 OR if you're planning on staying home – you'll want to take care of some housekeeping.

In-game preparations

Whether you're planning on walking around your city or staying home during Pokemon GO Fest 2020, there are a few items you should take care of in the game. This list is mostly about making way for new items and Pokemon – they're going to be dropped upon you like a wild storm over the next two days – it's going to be crazy!

Pokemon GO to-do list:

• Clear out old Pokemon (those monsters you've had for a few weeks that you've never touched, Pokemon you've decided would be better as dust, etcetera)

• Open all your pending Gifts (get fully stocked on Pokeballs, at least!)

• Clean item storage (if you've got 400 Pokeballs, you might have too many)

• Incubate as many eggs as possible.

That last item might not be particularly usefull, especially if you're not in a position to walk a great distance in the next few hours. This event will most likely have Pokemon Eggs with Pokemon you'll WANT, so if you CAN get rid of the eggs you have now, by all means, do it!

Real world goody bag

The night before any big Pokemon GO event, you'll do well to prepare snacks and water bottles. Make sure you've got snacks that won't melt if they get a little warm and/or get a lunch pack that can keep items cold through the day. Here's what you might want in this bag.

Backpack list:

• Non-melting snacks (no chocolate unless you've got a way to keep it cold!)

• Water

• Hat or visor

• Umbrella

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen

• Face Masks

• Extra socks

• Extra shirts (it might get sweaty out there!)

• Charge cables

• Wall plugs (you never know when you might find an open plug in a hotel lobby)

• Power bank

• GO Plus (if you've got one)

It'll probably be HOT this weekend, especially if you live in North America. Set out a light colored top and your best long-distance sneakers or hiking boots!

Pokemon GO Fest starts bright and early tomorrow morning! Stay tuned for the rest of our guides and guidance here on SlashGear for Pokemon GO Fest 2020 and beyond. Follow us at @TeamPokemonGO on Twitter for all the tips, leaks, and official info on Pokemon GO you can handle!