Pokemon GO "end of support" messages sent to devices old and new

This week a variety of users with all manner of different smartphones received a message from Niantic. The message suggested that the device on which the user was playing Pokemon GO would no longer be supported in the near future. Per this message from Niantic, these users would not be able to play Pokemon GO at all in the future without a new smartphone.

Pokemon GO is, indeed, ending support for some users in the near future. That'll happen in October for a number of older devices, both Android and iOS. You can learn all about that situation in our article Pokemon GO stops working on some iPhones and Android 5 in October.

The basics in that announcement were that Android devices working with Android 5 or older will stop working, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s will stop working as well. The issue today is that messages were sent to Pokemon GO users with newer devices, too.

For example, a Silph Road thread on Reddit showed a collection of users that got the message with devices that were old and new.

It would SEEM that these messages are being sent to users that, at any point in the past, played Pokemon GO on a device that will be too old come October. Some players reported that they'd gotten the message even though they've not played the game on any device of any other sort of device than the one on which they've received the notification.

In any case, even if you DID get a notification from Niantic, you won't be kicked out of Pokemon GO if you've got a device newer than what's outlined above. No worries!

ALSO NOTE: This is an official Niantic wellness week which means they're operating with a skeleton crew. Don't be surprised if support staff replies to questions are few and far between!