Pokemon GO Eevee evolution most updated Leaveon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon names

The latest way to play Pokemon GO with Eevee has a set of names and ways in which to pick your evolutionary result. Since the start of the game Pokemon GO, Eevee's several ways of evolving and choosing the way in which it evolves has changed. The first and most simple way to choose which Pokemon your Eevee evolves into is changing its name – this will only work ONCE for each of the names on the list.

Eevee evolution names

According to the latest game code update, Eevee can be renamed in 7 different ways that affect the outcome of said Eevee's next evolution. These may've changed since the last time you've checked a guide, so make sure! If you're looking to evolve into a version of Eevee you've evolved into before with one of these names, beware! It won't likely work again!

• Linnea evolves into Leafeon

• Rea evolves into Glaceon

• Pyro evolves into Flareon

• Sparky evolves into Jolteon

• Rainer evolves into Vaporeon

• Tamao evolves into Umbreon

• Sakura evolves into Espeon

Once you change the name of an Eevee, close your Pokemon GO app. Then open your Pokemon GO app once more. This is not absolutely necessary, but it gives the Pokemon GO server a ping to make sure it's been updated with the new name before the evolution – best to make double-sure!

Sylveon Eevee evoltion

Sylveon is not in the game Pokemon GO as of January 2021. This Pokemon first appeared in Gen 6, which means there's very LITTLE chance we'll see Sylveon appear in Pokemon GO in the next few weeks or months. Maybe next year? We shall see! UPDATE: There's a rumor that Sylveon will appear in the game in the first half of the year 2021, but no confirmation just yet!

After the names

If you've already evolved an Eevee into each of its different Eevolotions, there are a couple other things you can do. To get Umbreon and Espeon, you can do the buddy trick. Even if you've already done the naming trick, you can do this buddy trick, and vice-versa.

Assign your chosen Eevee as a Pokemon GO buddy Pokemon and walk with this Eevee buddy for 10km. Make double-sure the game recognizes that you've walked 10km by walking a bit further than this distance. Once you've attained this distance, you'll have two choices.

1. Keep Eevee as your buddy to evolve. Evolve your Eevee during daylight hours to attain an Espeon. Make sure it's LIGHT when this happens.

2. Keep Eevee as your buddy to evolve. Evolve your Eevee during nighttime hours (darkness) to attain an Umbreon.

Leafeon and Glaceon second method

If you'd like to get a Leafeon and you've already used the name trick, you can use a Lure. The same goes for Glaceon. You'll need to already have an Eevee for this to work – or get lucky enough to find an Eevee while you're in range of the lure while the lure is active.

Attach a Mossy Lure to Pokestop and, when still within range of said Lure, evolve an Eevee. If you're in range of a Mossy Lure, the first Eevee you evolve should turn in to a Leafeon.

Attach a Glacial Lure to a Pokestop and evolve an Eevee. If you're within range of the Glacial Lure and the Glacial Lure is still active, your Eevee should evolve into a Glaceon. This will only work ONCE for an Eevee in range of a Glacial Lure, and ONCE for an Eevee in range of a Mossy Lure.

Just like the Buddy trick with Umbreon and Espeon, the Lure trick will work even if you've already done the naming trick. The naming trick will also work if you've already done the Lure trick – but each of these tricks will only work ONCE for each of their respective resulting Eevee evolutions.