Pokemon GO Community Day Mudkip details: Why and how

The folks at Niantic behind the scheduling of the events for summer have delivered a new batch of information! It would seem that there's a Pokemon GO Community Day coming up – in about a month. Sort of a long ways away from here to sit around and twiddle thumbs, waiting for Mudkips... but still, let's have a strategy session and discuss the details right now!

The Pokemon Company and Niantic announced that an event will take place on July 21, 2019. This event will be the official Pokemon GO July Community Day – and if you did not know, there'll be one every month this entire summer. This event will center on a single Pokemon by the name of Mudkip.

If you've not caught a Mudkip yet, your chances are about to increase in a major way. This Mudkip event will take place on July 21st from 4PM to 7PM local time, around the world. That means wherever you live, from 4 to 7PM, you'll see giant numbers of Mudkip, in ALL the places.

Mudkip isn't usually known for its high fighting skill – it's a tiny, baby, super cutie-pie Pokemon who does not often enjoy battle. But capture a monstrous amount and hit the evolve button and you've got a Marshtomp, then a Swampert. These are some rather unique-looking monsters, and one that's extra-bright when caught in Shiny form. Instead of blue, Mudkip will be PINK! With this event you'll find the Shiny Mudkip much more likely to appear than normal, so stock up on Pokeballs as soon as possible!

While I do not recommend as much, you could potentially stay inside the Pokemon GO July Community Day event schedule for more than 3 hours by traveling westward once the event starts. Just make sure you arrive in each new time zone on or after 4PM, and you'll have more hours than you'll ever want to use!

NOTE: Niantic suggested today that this event will take place starting at 4PM due specifically to the weather of the season. The day gets a bit too hot for some Pokemon Trainers in the middle of the day, so Niantic wanted to hold the event "during the evening to make for a cooler experience." Time to catch some 'kips.