Pokemon GO codes: The real one, how to avoid the fakes

Today we're taking a quick look at how Pokemon GO has some legit promotional codes and a whole lot of fakes. One of the biggest games in the history of mobile games was sure to attract scammers over the years – but there IS one surefire way to avoid mishaps. If you're searching for codes for the game outside of the game, you COULD find them anywhere – but there's only two places where entering a code will give you any sort of in-game benefit.

No 3rd-party entry sites

If you happen upon a site or a social media post that suggests you head to a 3rd-party site to enter any information at all, skip it. There is absolutely no pathway outside of the official app and/or the Pokemon GO website that'll give you any sort of bonus in the game.

The only website that has any legitimate connection to the in-game bonus code system in Pokemon GO is Niantic's Pokemon GO rewards entry site. That is IT. Any other site that suggests they're about to give you any sort of Pokeballs or Stardust or any sort of item or Pokemon in-game is an attempt to fool you.

Where to enter codes

If you play Pokemon GO on an iOS device, you'll need to go to that site linked above to enter any sort of bonus codes. If you're using an Android device, you can head to the in-game store (in the official Pokemon GO app) and enter your code there.

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account will ocassionally post codes. You can also drop in on our TeamPokemonGO Twitter to check when we've posted (or re-posted) the latest bonus code.

The latest code

As noted in our most recent Pokemon GO code post from earlier this week, the latest code is TRFJVYZVVV8R4. Drop that in on the site above or through your Android Pokemon GO app and you'll get a few bonuses. The bonuses for this code will work through January 1, 2021. If you enter the code before then, you'll get 30x Ultra Balls, 10x Max Revive, and a single Lucky Egg.