Pokemon GO Christmas Event update (plus Apple Watch bonus)

The latest Pokemon GO update includes code which indicates the Christmas Event we've been waiting for isn't lost just yet. Details for the next event appeared in the same update for the game that showed Apple Watch integration just before final release this week. These details indicate that an entirely new element will be added to the game in the Store – and that this element won't just be limited to this Christmas weekend.

We've had a bit of a chat about the Holiday Gifts we're speaking about today. They come in different colors, and they're stacked in a way that suggests that six different tiers will be available. Six as in 6 days – or two separate set of 3.

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The first set would be Bronze, Silver, and Gold, while the second would be associated with different types of Pokeballs. This second set includes Special, Great, and Ultra versions of presents. Then there's a bit of metadata which suggests that these gifts might be switched out for the bonuses we've seen in the past called "HasHolidayItems".

These gifts could well be scheduled to appear on Christmas morning when Santa would normally surprise us with gifts. That'd explain why the event – generally announced several days in advance – has yet to be spoken of by Niantic. On the other hand, rolling out an update such as that on a day where Niantic's crew should be at home with their families might mean we'll have to wait a bit to open our presents.

An event with these packages would require that the game have a forced update for both iOS and Android devices. If it is set for Christmas, Niantic has less than 48 hours to make this update appear. If an update appears, it might not show the packages right away – it might just turn them on in the background.

BONUS: It's been tested by several Apple Watch users and confirmed – using the Apple Watch changes the way steps are counted for Pokemon Eggs and Buddy Pokemon. This is important for users that want to add distance to their Pokemon GO game by running on a treadmill – it's now been made entirely possible! Not all "distance" racked up by the Apple Watch is always counted as distance in the Pokemon GO app, but it's generally fairly accurate.

Have a peek at SlashGear's Pokemon GO Twitter portal to catch all early info, APK teardown data, and notes on updates as they appear. And for those still looking for a Pokemon GO Plus in stores but also have several hundred dollars burning a hole in their pocket – get an Apple Watch!