Pokemon GO BR ice cream Raids revealed

This week there's a big Baskin-Robbins situation going on in Pokemon GO. Starting on August 14 (over the weekend), and ending on August 21, there'll be a Raid at SOME locations at the ice cream shop. This does not mean that ALL ice cream shops will have the special Pokemon GO raids, but SOME definitely will.

Today we're exploring what it'll mean to have a Baskin-Robbins near you this week in Pokemon GO. Starting at 2PM local time on August 14, each and every day, there'll be a special Pokemon GO Raid battle in the game.

Per the official announcement from Baskin-Robins, you should "be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokemon GO." In other words – this isn't necessarily an invite to drop in on your local Baskin-Robins and sit in the lobby all day long.

If you have a Baskin-Robins near you, you can CERTAINLY play this Pokemon GO Raid battle series from outside the store. No Baskin-Robins has a Pokemon GO radius smaller than the borders of their ice cream shop.

It would appear that the Pokestop bit of this equation will last longer than the Raid battle part. According to Baskin-Robins, there'll be a Baskin-Robins Pokestop at some Baskin-Robins' locations past August 21, all the way to September 30!

UPDATE: It's not clear if there's a theme in the works here, but wouldn't it be great if we saw Raids at Baskin-Robins for the most obvious ice cream reference Pokemon of all? That'd be a straight up trio of the tastiest Pokemon of all: Vanillite (バニプッチ), Vanillish, and Vanilluxe!

And don't forget the just-as-tasty Alcremie, and Gigantamax Alcremie! What a waste it'd be if this connection wasn't made. Cross your fingers for some common sense before this is all over near the end of this month!