Armored Mewtwo weakness, counters for Pokemon GO today

Armored Mewtwo weaknesses in Pokemon GO are much the same as the original Mewtwo – it's just the amount of hammering you'll need to do that's changed. The three types you'll want to concentrate on are Bug, Ghost, and Dark. This does not necessarily count out a Pokemon that's not primarily that type, it only suggests that you should seek out Pokemon with these sorts of moves. Let's take a look!

What Pokemon VS Armored Mewtwo are best?

Several Pokemon can be used against Armored Mewtwo to some great effect. Included in the mix are such obvious monsters like Tyranitar – he's always pretty huge. Other less-than-average Pokemon are on the list as well, Pokemon you might never want to use against such a massive boss.

• Origin Forme Giratina: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are best.

• Houndoom: Believe it or not, this doggy works! So long as she's got the Snarl and the Foul Play (or Crunch!)

• Gyrados: It doesn't even need to be shiny ruby! Any Gyarados will do – so long as it's focused on Bite and Crunch.

• Scizor: Finally there's a use for the most awesome-looking evolution in this line – red as heck! Make sure Scizor has Bug Bit or Fury Cutter as well as X-Scissor.

• Tyranitar: Obviously, right? Make sure this dinosaur-looking beast has Bite and Crunch for maximum efficacy.

• Gengar: Yes, yes, we know: He's a glass cannon. But so long as you can DODGE effectively, Gengar can set Armored Mewtwo up for a big fall with Snarl and Foul Play or Crunch!

• Weavile: What the weird? If you've even got one of these in the first place, Wevile is most effective against Armored Mewtwo with Feint Attack and Foul Play!

You could also do worse than busting out an Absol, Honchkrow, or Yanmega, if I do say so myself. Make sure they've got moves like Snarl and Dark Pulse to make sure they're up to par! Lesser entries that are still good enough to bring to the party include: Raikou, Shiftry, and the always strange to find effective Alakazam.

And for the very few of you that have one – all you seekers of EVERY single Pokemon – the original Mewtwo is one heck of a counter against this Armored Mewtwo. Because of course it is – they're siblings!

FUN FACT: The release of Armored Mewtwo is an attempt to get the Armored version of Mewtwo back in the Pokemon community's subconscious. They're doing this because the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is coming to theaters soon. Don't expect it to come to your city unless they've decided that Detective Pikachu movie did well enough – this one's probably going direct-to-video.

Shiny Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon GO?

There's a Shiny Armored Mewtwo IN THE GAME FILES, to be sure, but it's probably not in the game at the moment – if that's enough of a turn-off for you, you might not want to battle Armored Mewtwo at all! It's green, much like the original Shiny Mewtwo. Also, does anyone find it strange that there's more than one version of Mewtwo at all? Reminds me of cloning the Mew from the original Pokemon game for GameBoy!

Check the timeline below for additional details on Armored Mewtwo, as collected over the last few days with in-game codes and APK action!