Pokemon GO Armored Mewtwo weakness details leaked

Earlier today details leaked on the next big Pokemon GO release: Armored Mewtwo! This already-mega-powerful Pokemon will come to the game with an ARMORED edition, ready to roll in Raid Battles for a "limited time" this summer. Today we're looking at all the details that've been revealed thus far – and we'll be updating as we learn more!

UPDATE: Niantic's confirmed this Armored Mewtwo launch with an official video! Note that this is not in-game footage, but it DOES capture the hype in a completely all-encompassing way. Don't let the fact that this video is only 20 seconds long fool you – if what we've learned is true, this is easily the most powerful Pokemon yet revealed in the Pokemon GO universe!

ALSO note: This Armored Mewtwo is not the same as the original appearance of the same character. The design is a bit different, and this Mewtwo's powers will be varied, too! This Mewtwo looks a bit more complicated in its design – sort of like if Mewtwo donned a PREDATOR hunter armor.


EARLY gameplay footage showed this Mewtwo to pop up in a Raid Battle with a healthy CP of 49k! That's not unheard of – but it is confirmation that defeating this Pokemon isn't going to be a simple endeavor!

Notice the helmet, the control knobs under the hands, and the coverage over the shoulders. This indicates that Mewtwo will be using more than its average set of skills. When's the last time you saw a Mewtwo use ICE BEAM? It's madness, I tell you!

New Types, New Weaknesses

Original appearances of Armored Mewtwo included Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic, and Shadow. Base attacks for this Pokemon included Aura Sphere (fighting), Iron Tail (steel), Psychic (psychic), and Swift (normal). This Pokemon had a LITANY of purchasable attacks, from every single different Pokemon type, grass, fire, dark, normal, fighting, water, bug, dragon, fairy, ice, and rock included.

The earlier version of this Pokemon (in games other than Pokemon GO) was weak to only three types, and resistant to two.

If past appearances of Pokemon in Pokemon GO that've previous games are any indication, it's high time you trained up your Bug, Dark, and Ghost type Pokemon! Prepare yourself for a mass of battles with this beast starting very, very soon.

Release Date

This monstrous beast of the next generation of Pokemon will be released soon! The release date for Armored Mewtwo is July 10, 2019, and it'll be in Raid Battles all the way until the 31st of July, 2019! Both days (start and end, respectively) will activate (or de-activate) at 1PM PDT. That should give you a couple weekends to make quick work of the beast, right?

Early tips include a document with the following text: "Legendary. Psychic. Powerful. Mewtwo is returning to Pokémon GO—but this time, it's sporting a new look. Are you up for the challenge of taking on this Pokémon?" Could it be that Armored Mewtwo is not coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, but Pokemon GO instead?

Also note: Pokemon GO will have a few new items in the Style Shop soon. It's unlikely these items will have any affect on the way the game is played. They're only here to "show off your prowess for power and aesthetics" as it were.