Pokemon GO Android trick makes the game look incredible

There's a new method for making the game Pokemon GO look amazing on your smartphone – 60 frames per second amazing. This trick is only the latest in a line of tricks to make Pokemon GO speed up its frame rate – a line of tricks that goes back years! Something about the way the game engine Niantic uses allows the game to load graphics at 60fps, but Niantic has the game locked at 24 or 30fps most of the time.

We're taking a peek at a method discovered by Reddit user DaleBaxter01 (not to be mixed up with the infamous James Baxter, the horse who walks on a beach ball). This fellow figured out a method for speed on his ASUS ROG Phone 3. This device is running Android 10, and has the ability to display graphics at higher frame rates than your average smartphone.

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To make this method work, the user needs to have Pokemon GO open. Activate Google Assistant by holding down the Home Button (this is different for different devices – some have their own dedicated Google Assistant button). Tap back into the game – it should (or COULD) be running at 60 frames per second!

This is most likely a temporary bug, so you'll want to take a peek at it as soon as possible. It'll likely be fixed in the short-term, courtesy of Niantic discovering the situation as they have in the past.

If you've discovered any other way to make this frame rate jump, let us know! This is generally the sort of thing that happens by accident. It's likely having this higher frame rate will make your battery life fall at a significantly faster rate than normal. Make sure you take account of the potential for the speedy fall before you go out on the town for a Pokemon GO Gym attack – it's quite likely set to roll!