Pokemon GO and Shiny Darkrai, Safari Zone refund for COVID-19

Today we're taking a look at the latest release of Pokemon in Pokemon GO with game codes that indicate the near-future for the game. In the mix first are the release of both Darkrai and the Skorupi family into Shiny Pokemon universe. The first appearance of Shiny Darkrai was on the 5th of March, 2020. The first appearance of the Shiny Skorupi family was on a Team Rocket Weekend, also starting on March 5, 2020!

Gamemaster File

A slight change was made in the latest update to the main Gamemaster file for Pokemon GO this week. In raids, raid damage bonus was CUT! It's not by a whole lot, but any raid damage modification is significant when it comes down to the wire. Instead of raid damage bonus at 1.25x, now raid damage bonus is 1.2x.

Badges for this weekend's Community Day were added in an "Item Category Global Event Ticket" item. The ticket will be granted 24 hours before the event begins, wherever you happen to be on the planet.

GBL rewards saw the addition of Thundurus! Back a few days ago, the Gamemaster update included a Premium Battle Passes change in which "ITEM PAID RAID TICKET" items were released. Pokemon GO Battle League is coming on quick – stay tune for more info this week!

COVID-19 and Safari Zone

This comes a few days after the Saint Louis Safari Zone event was postponed due to the latest COVID-19 scare. If you're not especially pumped up about novel coronavirus and want to get a refund for your ticket, you'll need to go to Niantic's page for the event. There you'll find instructions that go a little something like this:

"Safari Zone St. Louis (March 27–29, 2020) – Postponed until further notice. For Trainers who have purchased tickets, we are offering refunds upon request via in-app support until March 25, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PT."

To access in-app support:

1. Go to Map View in Pokemon GO and tap the Pokeball – Main Menu.

2. At the top right of your screen, tap Settings.

3. Scroll down to Get Support, tap it.

– iOS: tap Contact Us in the upper right.

– Android: Tap the blue talk bubble icon.

If you had or have a ticket for the event that was supposed to take place on March 25, don't go! There will be no event in the city on that date. If Niantic runs any sort of of event on that day, it will not be relegated to St. Louis! Stay home and stay safe!