Pokemon GO Adventure Sync Nearby: How to catch them all

Today we're looking at the newest feature in Pokemon GO: Adventure Sync: Nearby. This system works with technology similar to that of Pokemon GO's always-on GPS tracking for Pokemon Eggs and Buddy Pokemon walking for Candy. The big difference comes in the Pokemon that send up flags for the user – it's not the same for each Pokemon trainer. Instead, this system flags Pokemon that you don't already have in your Pokedex!

Adventure Sync: Nearby activate!

It's interesting that many players are seeing a Chansey silhouette when they first catch wind of the new system. While it would seem that Chansey remains one of the main staples of any major metropolitan area Pokemon Gym, spawn rates for this monster remain low. As such, a system like Adventure Sync: Nearby will (hopefully) be a great help to those users looking to complete their Pokedex!

Enable Adventure Sync: Nearby, it says, "Adventure Sync can find nearby new Pokemon even while Pokemon GO is closed!" You'll get the option to TURN IT ON or tap "MAYBE LATER" right out the gate.

Unfortunate for most players, this system is only getting a basic play-test this week in Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside of those two areas, you'll not see this system in play until it's prepared for release next month. Chances are we'll see the release of Adventure Sync: Nearby with the launch of Gen 5.

Accidental Shut-off

It's become apparent, through much forum searching and turning over of social media rocks, that more than a few Pokemon GO trainers have had their Adventure Sync system shut off on accident. Accident or by the will of the system known as PERMISSIONS. This can happen regardless of the operating system with which you compute on a smartphone.

To make sure you've got Adventure Sync activated and working, open Pokemon GO, Settings, Adventure Sync. You may need to re-authorize Pokemon GO to grab access to your "fitness data" or GPS location. Once active, this system tracks your steps no matter the state of the game – just so long as it's been opened once since you last turned on your phone from a complete OFF state.