Pokemon Fake removed from App Store while fans remain stalwart

This week there's been a proverbial firestorm surrounding the undeniably massive amount of downloads of a Pokemon Yellow fake app in the iTunes App Store. Now it's been taken down (because it was fake, and for the most part didn't work), but the fans looking to actually have a working copy of Pokemon for their iPhone remain wanting. It's a matter of Nintendo not wanting to get in to the mobile world outside of their own cartridge-based gaming systems, and because Pokemon is a massive hero game for the Nintendo line of devices, fans have been and will continue to be waiting for quite some time for an official release.

On the other hand, because the last version of Pokemon has now become depreciated because it was made for the last generation of Sony and Nintendo handhelds, the makers of Pokemon have hinted at a new release in the works. Just this morning it was revealed that the next version of Pokemon may well be coming to the PS Vita and Nintendo's 3DS, and we can hope against hope that it'll be coming to mobile devices as well soon. But who are we kidding – if Don Reisinger couldn't convince Nintendo, noone could.

Here's my question to you, Pokemon fans: do you think a full-fledged Pokemon game for iPhone or Android (or both!) would be a hit if released in the next couple of months? For those of you still playing Pokemon on your original Game Boys – first of all, high five, that's the only version I've actually kept – RED! Then answer me this: what if Nintendo were to release a legacy version of Pokemon to the iTunes App Store and the Android Market like RockStar did with Grand Theft Auto 3? Would it be a hit?

I'd play it even if it were only green and black!