Pokemon Duel download: official app aims to capitalize on GO!

Gamers enraptured by Pokemon GO but saddened by the lack of Bidoof have been targeted by the official Pokemon company with a new app. This app is a game by the name of Pokemon Duel, and it's been made for the masses. While a version of this game has been available in Japan for a period of time, the release of Pokemon Duel in the United States and around the world in English has just been made today for the first time.

The good thing about not getting to play a game until version 3.0 (like Pokemon Duel) is the amount of troubleshooting that's already gone on. Pokemon GO had quite a few problems in its first year – a year that's not quite over yet – the lot of which we've come to encounter first hand. Pokemon Duel is an already-established piece of work.

As such, we're crossing fingers that there wont be any server issues, problems with Pokemon collecting, or oddities with eggs. Not that eggs are as big a part of the game here as they are with GO, but still. This is a game we're hoping will take the place of our long walks out in the wild during this long, cold, snowy winter. Pokemon GO doesn't work so well when the sidewalk is literally covered with 2-feet of snow.

Pokemon Duel is available for free and has in-app purchases. Users can access Pokemon Duel for Android on Google Play and through Apple's App Store for iOS devices. Head to the Pokemon Duel site to reach both download links.

Of note for users interested in comparing Pokemon GO to Pokemon Duel is the development of both – both by different groups entirely. Pokemon Duel is developed by The Pokemon Company, where Pokemon GO is developed by Niantic. The Pokemon Company is based in Japan, while "The Pokémon Company International" manages the property everywhere outside of Asia.