Pocketbook 360 Plus ereader plays Doom 2 (who needs ebooks?) [Video]

In the gadget world, you're nothing until you've run Doom, and ereaders aren't exempt. Luckily Pocketbook's new 360 Plus has stepped up to the plate and delivered, with a new video demo showing the compact ebook reader running Doom II on its e-ink display.Video demo after the cut

In fact, this particular flavor of Doom II is based on PrBoom, an open-source project from id Software's original code. What's most impressive is the refresh rate; apparently the Pocketbook 360 Plus uses E Ink's latest Pearl display and a new Freescale processor, which together do away with the flashing black screen we usually associate with ereaders.

Sadly, according to The-e-book, Pocketbook is unlikely to ship the 360 Plus with Doom 2 preinstalled. No word on when exactly the 360 Plus will ship, nor for how much.

[via The-Ebook-Reader]