PocketBook 360° 5-inch ebook reader

Ukrainian company PocketBook have announced a new, compact ebook reader, the PocketBook 360°, with a 5-inch e-ink display.  Technical details about the new device are scarce, but it's believed to include an accelerometer for auto screen-rotation.

PocketBook already sell one ebook reader, the PocketBook 301, which has a larger display than the 360°.  According to hands-on reports from the 360° launch, it's considerably lighter and more compact in-person.

The 360° has already caused controversy, with both PocketBook and Bookeek claiming they have exclusive worldwide distribution deals with ODM Netronix.  The prototypes were also labeled according to the rival "mentor" brand of Astak, which could throw another spanner in the works.

[via MobileRead]