Plextor's portable HDTV tuner reviewed

Portable TV tuners have reached such a low price point that one of the only ways for profit-seeking manufacturers to turn is HDTV; for the entertainment-seeking road warrior, that means a new generation of portable television that promises super-high resolution.  However, with even standard definition tuners sometimes suffering from poor quality except when used with a fixed aerial, the difficulty is not in building the USB dongle itself but an antenna capable of receiving a strong enough signal.  TabletPCReview picked up Plextor's PX-HDTV500U to see if it could manage.


The aerial supplied with the PX-HDTV500U has to be one of the oddest I've seen; at first, I thought it was being photographed in front of the tuner's retail packaging, but in fact it really does have an oblong mini-billboard apparently laced with some sort of flexible composite.  Plextor also include a remote control and software capable of viewing and recording TV.

"Plextor's PX-HDTV500U Mini Digital HDTV Receiver is an excellent device for any road warrior, traveler, or student looking for a solution in the field of portable televisions. The simplicity and ease of use will most definitely have users falling in love with the idea of watching television on one's computer"TabletPCReview

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Plextor HDTV500U review [TabletPCReview]