Plex Cloud is dropping Amazon Drive support soon

Plex recently announced a feature that makes life easier for some users: Plex Cloud, a way to access and stream content stored on a cloud service. Amazon Drive was named as one of the cloud storage options for Plex Cloud (the only one initially), but troubles soon started for the company. Unfortunately, those troubles have proven too much to handle, and so Plex is dropping Amazon Drive support entirely.

Plex is a popular media server that enables anyone to set up their own entertainment system and access their movies, TV shows, and music on their various devices. Ordinarily you'd need that content saved on a hard drive, whether it's an external drive connected to your media server, a laptop's internal drive, or even a supported NAS unit.

Plex Cloud changes that — with it, you can instead have all your content saved to, for example, Google Drive, which serves as the media server's storage. The same went for Amazon Drive, but an email from Plex to its users says that'll change on December 31. The message reads, in part:

Unfortunately, the challenges with Amazon Drive have proven insurmountable at this time, so we have decided to remove Amazon Drive as a storage option for Plex Cloud for the foreseeable future.

It's unfortunate news if you signed up for Amazon Drive specifically to use it with Plex Cloud, but as the company points out, you'll likely still have time to cancel it. You can instead use Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive for your cloud storage.

SOURCE: Engadget