Plen Android-controlled robot [Video]

When you're an android that's remotely controlled by Android, the puns practically write themselves; happily Plen, the dapper little chap shown here, isn't quite at that level, as we'd all be out of jobs.  Instead, he can be remotely-controlled via a Bluetooth connection with your Android smartphone, walking, dancing and skating.Video demo after the cut

He's the handiwork of Akazawa Japan, and has 18 degrees of freedom along with gyro sensors for balance.  Standing 228mm tall, Akazawa include a specially-created Android app that allows you to program him.

If you're feeling flush and you simply have to have Plen yourself, muster up $3,000 and head over to AudioCubes.  You'll have to be reasonably quick, though; only 50 are going to be made in this limited edition, with future Plen production plans based on how well these initial models sell.

[via Android Community]