Please don't microwave your iPhone

This morning you may have seen the instructions for Apple Wave, a feature you've likely never heard of before for iOS 8. That's because it is not real. Like our favorite iOS 7 waterproofing hoax, this feature is the idea of a trickster hoping to get you to toss your iPhone in the microwave, thereby blowing it up.

Software can not make your iPhone learn how to modify its own hardware to be able to do magic. Microwaving your iPhone will not add battery power. It will not do anything positive at all, in fact – unless you really want to warm the whole thing up and destroy your microwave in the process.

Twitter is already blowing up with comment discussions between those that would be foolish enough to actually believe a slogged-together image like this and those that would help them to destroy their electronics.

Please, please don't put your iPhone 6, your iPhone 6 Plus, or any other iPhone you might have into the microwave.

On the other hand, I do like the Wave icon. It's a lightning bolt with a rainbow going through it. It's just fancy!

Again, please don't microwave your iPhone. You're smarter than this. Let's not have a repeat of 2013.