PlayStation Vita pre-release bundles have arrived, pre-orders not needed

While it should speak volumes that in order to get your hands on a PlayStation Vita before it's "official" release in the USA you do not need to have pre-ordered a unit, it may make more sense to focus on the price. Those of you who've pre-ordered a PSVita should be getting the system in your hands today or at the very least sometime this week, while those who did not pre-order the device will be able to head to their local gaming store today and pick one up for the pre-release bundle price.

For those of you heading to the store today, you'll be getting the PlayStation Vita for $349.99 for the 3G model. Again this is a bundled price which will also score you a case, a 4GB memory card, and a free edition of the game Little Deviants. This bundle is the same one sent to pre-order purchasers. For those of you wanting to grab the Wi-fi only model, you'll be paying $249.99. When the 3G launch bundle shipping next week hits, it will cost users just $299.99.

The PlayStation Vita launched in Japan at the end of 2011 in essentially the same form factor you'll be getting from the store today. This model comes with a 5-inch OLED touch-screen display, PlayStation controls on either side of this display, and dual thumbsticks. This device also features a new operating system dubbed PSVita OS which could very well be coming to Sony smartphones over the next couple of years. Users purchasing the PlayStation Vita today will be able to download old PlayStation Portable titles from the PlayStation Store or physical games releasing over the next few weeks and months.