PlayStation Store hits the web under the radar

It's time to get busy with Sony's vast collection of content for multiple different platforms with the first appearance of their browser-based PlayStation Store. This store is set to sell TV and movie content as well as PlayStation games galore, but at the moment isn't quite perfectly synced up for all media that's offered across the platforms it serves. In other words you should certainly check it out, but you won't be able to see everything your PlayStation sees.

This online store will eventually allow you to download content to your Sony account, this connecting with your PlayStation as well as your PlayStation Vita and your Sony Tablets running Android. What's happening right this minute is that the company is going through sort of a live test-run with limited content to make sure everything is up-to-spec for a more vast release. It's not that you're not going to get the content you purchase now, it's just that you might not have the full store experience.

In the near future you'll be able to easily purchase content from the web-based store and have it sent to your devices one-by-one. This is a method that the Google Play store uses for your many connected Android devices and relatively similar to what iTunes does with purchases through their app as well – everyone is owned by you through your account, not just on your device.

According to a comment made by official PlayStation Blog SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton, the store is set to be launched in a larger way soon:

"Regarding [the lack of a major announcement] – we are testing a new web store, which we look forward to announcing and launching to the PlayStation/Sony community shortly." – Dutton

Have a peek at the timeline below to get more info on recent events surrounding the PlayStation Store and device connected to it, and get pumped up about a wider release as soon as this afternoon!

[via EuroGamer]