PlayStation Phone gets another video preview

Chris Davies - Jan 17, 2011
PlayStation Phone gets another video preview

More video demos of the PlayStation Phone have emerged, with Sony Ericsson’s gaming smartphone seemingly determined to spill all its secrets ahead of the official launch. ePrice aren’t adding much new to the conversation, but it’s another chance to see the slider in action.

Video demo after the cut

Sony Ericsson’s Timescape app is preloaded on this particular prototype, and we’re guessing it’s a similar build to what we’ve seen on the XPERIA Arc. The company has unlinked Timescape – and its Mediascape sibling – from the underlying OS, leaving it as more a widget than a baked-in service.

What remains to be seen is how Sony Ericsson has managed to differentiate the XPERIA Play – as the smartphone is believed to launch as – from other Android devices. Much of that will depend on the portfolio of games available, and whether they are exclusive to the PlayStation Phone or not.

[via Android Community]

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