PlayStation Move Starter Pack Features 9 Demos in the UK

While we consider the truth behind a recent rumor of a smaller hard drive bundled together with PlayStation's Move motion-based controller, we're now hit with another piece of news. Sony is bringing plenty of bundles to the marketplace once Move launches, but it looks like the same Starter Pack that's seeing both US and UK-based launches is getting a bit of a switch-up once it launches.

The Starter Pack is just what it sounds like. It includes the PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and one game called Sports Champions. You get all of that for only $99. However, the UK version of the same bundle, instead, isn't getting a full retail game at all. According to a recent report with MCV, the UK bundle is actually going to be ship with nine demos, and not the same Champions title.

Instead, purchasers will get six snippets of retail titles like Sports Champions, The Shoot, TV Superstars, and Beat Sketchers. Amongst others. The UK Start Pack for Sony's Move will be £49.99. So what do you think? Are US customers getting the better Starter Pack deal, or UK-based residents?

[via MCV]