Sony Move $349 Bundle Rumored, Offers Smaller Hard Drive

It wouldn't be a normal day if we didn't have some kind of rumor about an already announced product. Thankfully, we've got this new rumor about Sony's Move, the motion-based controller/wand that's due out in just a few months. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but it may be just enough to get people who thought the original $399 bundle was too pricey to jump on board the Sony-backed motion controller movement.

Yes, we already knew about the other bundles. Sony's got multiple ways for you to buy Move, all brought together to make something worth your time and hard earned money. Those original bundles are: a controller, PlayStation Eye, and one Move game all for $99. And then there's the console bundle, which gives you all of that, plus the PlayStation 3, all for $399. Or, you could just buy the stand-alone pack for $49.99.

Unless you want everything and the console, then this new rumored bundle will be perfect for you. It's everything that we mentioned up there, plus the console, but instead of the 320GB hard drive that the above bundle comes with, you'll be getting a 120GB hard drive. There's no official word about any of this from Sony quite yet, but these tipsters seem to know what they're talking about. What this could mean in the long-run, though, is that the current generation of 120GB consoles out there might get a $50 price drop in general, after the release of these bundles. That's something to look forward to, at least.

[via PS3 Blog]