Sony PlayStation Move Bundles Shown Off

While we may not have the final packaging to showcase for Microsoft's variation of their motion-based peripheral, we do know that Walmart's already bundling up the next piece of Redmond-based technology. Of course, we should have realized it wouldn't take much longer for the Sony version, better known as Move, to make some kind of appearance on the Internet, too. And sure enough, here we are with the final packaging images.

We've got three different variations here: for those who've been waiting to buy their PS3 until Move released, those who already have a PS3, and still one that tailors to those who already own the PlayStation Eye, too. For the first, the bundle includes the PlayStation Move wand, a PlayStation 3, a DualShock 3 controller, an Eye Toy, and one Move game, called Sports Champions. That bundle will cost you a cool $399.

As for the other two bundles, you'll get everything else but the PlayStation 3 and DualShock controller — so obviously you'll already want to own the console, or it won't do you any good. This bundle is only costing you $99. And finally, if you've already got the Eye Toy and just need the Move wand, that will cost you only $50. And, if you want the additional navigational controller, that will run you $29.99. So who's getting excited?

[via Kotaku]