Microsoft Kinect Bundles Priced at Walmart: $200 with Game and $30 Gift Card

All that we're missing at this point, is an official statement from Microsoft about how much their motion-based gaming peripheral is going to cost. Yeah, that's right. We've got pricing from just about everyone else by this point, but Microsoft has still yet to "announce" anything. And that's even after their very own Microsoft Store listed the Kinect at $149.99. And considering everywhere seems to be boasting the same price, we'd be pretty surprised if that wasn't the final decision. But, if you are thinking about getting a bundle, Walmart's already got you covered.

If you plan on getting the Kinect, then going with the bundle from Walmart may not seem like a bad idea. You'll be getting the Kinect (obviously), which is probably going to cost $149.99. And then you get a game, one of the launch titles (which includes: Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, Joy Ride, Dance Central, and Kinect Adventures) which will run you $59.99, and a $30 eGiftcard. So, obviously the deal's pretty good, especially if you're already planning on getting the Kinect.

[via Joystiq]