PlayStation Move Motion Controller $59.99 in Canada

Evan Selleck - May 11, 2010
PlayStation Move Motion Controller $59.99 in Canada

The PlayStation Move motion controller isn’t out yet, and you will have to keep waiting for a few months before you’ll get your hands on one, but if you were curious as to how much it might be going for when it does finally launch, here’s your first clue. It’s coming out of Canada, right from GameStop’s site, and it does a pretty good job of giving us an idea of what the future might hold.

Unfortunately, it seems that someone at GameStop technical must have noticed the page’s existence, because as of this writing, the web page itself has been taken down. So, you won’t be able to head on over to the site and place your order. Though, as you can see from the screenshot, the Move will cost you a cool $59.99, but again, this would be Canadian pricing. So, whatever Sony will charge here in the States is still, technically, up for grabs.

We’ll go ahead and say that we can see Sony charging the same amount here, though. After all, with the company saying that the PlayStation Move controller, bundled with the camera, would go for under $100, this would mean they could still bundle the camera for $30 and call it good. E3 is definitely going to be a good show this year, so stay tuned.

[via Engadget]

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