PlayStation Mobile aims for iPhone and Android at Gamescon

This week at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany, Sony is making a case for PlayStation Mobile, their next big phase in keeping relevant with the very smart device-minded society we now all live in. This initiative will be aiming for both Apple's mobile OS and Google's Android, but in very different ways for the both of them. While Apple's iPod nano, iPhone, and iPad are all essentially declared enemies of this PlayStation Mobile initiative, Sony is embracing Android as the only 3rd party operating system to be able to run PlayStation-certified games.

Sony has made it clear that their own devices running Android – tablets, the original PlayStation Phone (Xperia PLAY) and a vast collection future phones will be first on their list when it comes to definite entry into the PlayStation Mobile program, 3rd party devices and manufacturers are now being accepted into the fold. Two examples are the manufacturers Asus and Wikipad, both of them ready to bring on PlayStation-certified games as they launch new products later this year.

When a device is "PlayStation Certified", it means that Sony has literally checked out the device and approved it before it's been released to the public. Sony's approval process requires that each device is able to play their quickly growing set of mobile games and that they essentially agree to continued software support as well. This PlayStation Mobile initiative also promises cross-compatibility and one-download-only situations with the PS Vita this week as well.

Another notable device currently in the PlayStation Mobile universe is the HTC One X, a smartphone with either a dual-core processor from Qualcomm or a quad-core processor from NVIDIA. The power is there, and Sony wants a piece!

Have a peek at the timeline below to see more about the PlayStation Mobile initiative, and get pumped up as Sony takes a charge into the future!

[via CNET]