PlayStation Home host to Sodium One, huge immersive PS3 game

Sony have announced the next stage of PlayStation Home, and it's a huge social game called Sodium One.  Kicking off with a 50-level combat game called Salt Shooter, Sodium One pits players against each other in huge hovertank battles, with level-ups achieved by sub-games and through collaborating with other gamers.Video demo after the cut

Sony are promising additional games and "personal questing adventures" as Sodium One develops, as well as more refinements to the system.  The idea is that gamers will progress through the title for long-term rewards, far extended beyond regular standalone games.

To kick things off, Sony are offering a limited number of vouchers to unlock the entire Salt Shooter challenge; you can stand a chance to win one by logging into Sodium One through the regular PlayStation Home interface on your PS3.  More details of Salt Shooter in the video below.