PlayStation Home adds Trophies this week (but still no PS4 access)

Sony will update PlayStation Home with much-anticipated trophies on Wednesday, its been confirmed, though there's still no word on whether the virtual world for PS3 gamers will ever make it to the PlayStation 4. Launched all the way back in December 2008, PlayStation Home resembles Second Life and gave each PS3 owner a customizable avatar and a personal "apartment" in which they can live and decorate, as well as public spaces that could be themed around events, specific games, and more.

The incoming update, PlayStation Home v1.86, was confirmed by the PS Europe community manager Chris Owen, who has also said that it will be a worldwide upgrade. The actual trophy list won't be confirmed until Wednesday, however.

Trophies themselves will, for the most part, be retroactive in their application. However, some – such as the daily consecutive visits award – will not be.

PlayStation Home is conspicuous by its absence on PS4, meanwhile, with Sony still tight-lipped on whether the virtual world will be expanded to open its doors to the next-gen console. Owen says there's still "no news" on that front.

As well as new game-themed content, PlayStation Home has also been used to create TV tie-ins, like a Doctor Who social game back in early 2013. Participants could also collectively gather to watch the Space Shuttle Discovery launch together in 2011.