PlayStation Home beta gets pushed out to PS3 owners worldwide

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Home beta will be opening its doors to lucky PlayStation 3 owners today. This PS3 exclusive allows players to interact in a virtual social environment using text or voice chat. It more closely resembles Second Life and like their online gaming, it will remain free.

Sony is the last to jump on the social networking idea for gaming consoles. Nintendo's Wii was launched with Mii avatar support in many games and services. Microsoft also gave the social community aspect to Xbox 360, but in no way does it compare to actually walking around and interacting in a virtual 3D world with many other players. This social environment has many extra features such as in-world music options, advertiser-supported destinations and stores, mini-games and trophy rooms.

From what we can see, PlayStation Home looks like the most sophisticated social environment on a gaming console today. Microsoft is saying that PlayStation Home appears to be "2005 tech." If you're a videogame junky such as I am you will have taken the day off and sat in front of the TV eagerly awaiting this update. Now, we know many of you are just itching to test it out; we want to know how you think Sony did with PlayStation Home. Did they meet or beat your expectations, or did this fall short never to be used again? Remember however this is still in beta.