PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gameplay shown at E3

If a bit of actual live gameplay done by four gamers working with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was what you were hoping to get out of E3, you're in luck! This week Sony delivered just that, and a video showing Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, and Nathan Drake played on the monstrous jumbo-ton at E3 is what you'll be able to see below. This match has the four fighters duking it out amongst traps, the hydra from God of War I, and the deadly wills of each player.

What you'll find happens here in the video is that no one player is shown to be utterly dominant. You'll also find that this game looks extremely similar to another multi-brand fighting game we've seen in the past, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64. We must assume that Sony has a deal with the creators of that game or there's certainly going to be a bit of bad air surrounding this situation. That said, have a peek at the Battle:

This game is set to be released on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita later this year complete with cross-platform gameplay. You'll be able to play it on your PS Vita and see it on the screen and will be able to have multiple devices running the same match at the same time. This game will also feature characters such as BioShock's Big Daddy and Uncharted's Nathan Drake, the whole team invited to a death match you'll never forget!

[via CleverGames]