PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X restock confirmed this afternoon

If you're looking for either a Sony PS5 or a Microsoft-made Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, today may be your day. It's been reported that the next-generation consoles will be released to online portals this afternoon to at least one retailer – Walmart – with the possibility of more in the near future. This roll-out will occur at approximately 2PM Central Time for the PlayStation 5, and 1:30PM central time for the Xbox Series X.

As shown on the Walmart website as of the time this article is set to go live, Walmart's listing for "PlayStation 5 Console" is set to go live at 3PM ET – that's 2PM Central Time – on March 18, 2021. The amount of consoles the online portal will have available is currently unknown. The Sony PlayStation 5, Digital Edition was also listed with a March 18, 2021 restock date at 3PM ET.

Xbox Series X was listed on Walmart's online portal with an "Available online only, starting March 18, 2:30PM ET" label. Walmart also included a note that the Xbox Series X would be available with Xbox All Access on March 25, 2021, at 3PM ET. This is all "while supplies last."

Xbox Series S was listed by Walmart's online portal with similar notes, suggesting the "S" version would be available at 2:30PM ET on March 18. March 25, 2021 will also play host to Xbox All Access with Xbox Series S at 3PM ET – that's 2PM Central Time.

A Tom's Guide report placed an Amazon PS5 restock at approximately 9AM ET with an open timeframe that spanned to 11AM ET. It's possible that this restock was delivered in parts – and that there'll be more later today, too.

UPDATE: Amazon either had the consoles in stock for a VERY short time, or they never really appeared at all. It's possible the timing was incorrect on the leak for the Amazon tip.