PlayStation 5 with some improved changes surfaces in Australia

The PlayStation 5 console has proven to be extremely popular and has become the fastest-selling PlayStation console ever made. The console was so popular it was difficult to find in stores. While some who want a PlayStation 5 may not yet have been able to find one, a slightly revised version of the console has already hit the market.

Previously, reports surfaced indicating the PS5 Digital Edition would receive slight modifications, making it lighter and modifying its stand. The modifications to the stand would allow it to be adjusted without having to dig out the screwdriver. As for the weight reduction, it was reportedly losing 300 grams. Interestingly, at the time, similar modifications to the version of the console using discs were unannounced. However, a new model number of the PS5 has now landed in Australia.

The new model number is CFI-1102A, and it would appear Australia is the first country to receive that model. Consumers who have purchased the new model in Australia have confirmed it features a stand that can be adjusted by hand without needing a screwdriver. Its weight is unconfirmed, but the assumption is that it has shed 300 grams of weight just as the digital edition did.

The upgrade appears to have been made to the console without any fanfare by Sony. The screw appears to be the same shape and size but eliminates the silver head with a flat tip screwdriver slot in favor of a white plastic head that still features the flat tip screwdriver slot but is raised and has texture for finger gripping without tools.

However, it's a mystery what exactly Sony did to the inside of the console to eliminate 300 grams of weight. Since the console isn't portable, weight reduction isn't a significant change.