PlayStation 5 system update arrives with big fixes in tow

The PlayStation 5 is receiving a new system software update today, and it's looking to squash some of the problems early adopters have been experiencing. The update is a rather small one, as it's only shipping with a handful of fixes, but what's there will definitely be useful, especially for those who are experiencing problems with PS4 transfers and PS4 games.

Specifically, this update brings the PlayStation 5 system software to version 20.02-02.30.00. First and foremost, Sony says that the update improves system performance, but we don't what, specifically, it does to achieve that improved performance. The update also fixes an issue where data transfers and downloads were cancelled when players attempted to download content as a PS4 system transfer was in place, so if you've encountered that, it sounds like it's now safe to move your PS4 data over.

Speaking of PS4, there's another fix present in this update that fixes "some issues that were causing errors during text input in some PS4 games." Finally – and this is likely the biggest fix for many people – this system update improves connection stability for some WiFi routers, so if you were having issues downloading games over WiFi, hopefully your router won't have any issues from here on out.

This is the third system update that Sony has shipped since the PlayStation 5 launched. The update should download for all users automatically and prompt them to install it when the download is complete, but if your automatic download gets stuck, Sony has detailed a number of ways to fix that issue over on its support site.

Of course, the PlayStation 5 is still a hard console to come by at the moment, as stock seems to sell out as soon as it's listed anywhere. If you're still trying to secure a console for yourself, be sure to check out our tips and tricks guide to better your chances of getting one.