PlayStation 5 not even close to a store near you!

The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) might exist at some point, but for now – it's at least a couple years off. This information comes from a report that speaks with industry insiders who, in turn, suggest that there's no real news to be told. It's sort of like a non-report – or maybe a better comparison to make would be to a scientific study that proves a theory incorrect.

The gaming console market isn't all that different than it was a decade ago. We've still got only a few big names in the mix, and three of them are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. At this point it's been a few years since the last big-name PlayStation was released – and it's not exactly time for another.

The first Sony PlayStation was released in December of 1994. The PlayStation 2 was released in the year 2000. PlayStation 3 came in the year 2006, and the PlayStation 4 came in 2013. Time between these releases: 6 years, 6 years, 7 years. It's been 5 years since the PlayStation 4 was originally released (when this article is set to be published).

As such, I hereby summon my own very intuitive mind grapes to predict that the PlayStation 5 would be best suited for a release inside the year 2020. That's the year Kotaku's Jason Schreier predicted, and that's the year that makes the most obvious amount of sense.

There's word that there's PS5 dev units out in the wild. There are always a bunch of dev units out in the wild when it comes to top-tier gaming companies. Always. Even if those dev units need changes before they're released into the wild, even if the companies making these devices don't have final names for these machines. They're out there. Don't get tripped up by the names – until they've got their names, they're just PCs. Big tower PCs with a tiny Sony sticker on them, just teasing you and yours, years before the real deal.