PlayStation 5 hardware leak shows potential easy repairs, mods, upgrades

Bits of the next Sony PlayStation video game console seem to have leaked this week from a production floor in Asia. The look of the PlayStation 5 isn't a secret – not on the outside, anyway. Sony already revealed what the console would look like from a couple of angles. The imagery we're seeing today gives us a bit of insight into how the console will feel in real life – a real-world sense of how these curves will really impact our lives the moment we start to tear the console down.

If what we're seeing leaked today is entirely legitimate, and the hardware is final, we can glean a few items of interest. The PlayStation 5 will have two separate white sides that sandwich a black center unit. Inside the center we'll have the console itself, along with ports for connections to accessories and power.

The two white parts look as though they'll be held in place by surprisingly few bits of plastic. Lots of electronics that feature pieces that hold themselves in place (instead of being held down by screws,) will have a LARGE amount of clips, hooks, or glue.

In the leaked parts we see here, the PlayStation 5 seems to be prepared for simplicity. The parts we see here might very well indicate that Sony's preparing itself for modders, upgraders, or DIY repair-minded individuals.

If we didn't know better, we could easily mistake these outer shell pieces for the outer bits of a custom-fitted gaming PC. Instead of a litany of clips, loops, or crevasses for glue, we see drop-in easy-release hooks.

We also see the PlayStation logo punched out of the bulk of the casing, which indicates we might get some interesting lighting effects yet! We're awaiting more details on the exact release date and pricing of the PlayStation 5 from Sony – until then, stick around for more as we inch closer to the general "Holiday Season 2020" we know for sure!