PlayStation 4 x Bape easily the strangest cross-brand of all

Chris Burns - Dec 6, 2013
PlayStation 4 x Bape easily the strangest cross-brand of all

Sony is no stranger to creating odd advertisements for their products – and their not about to quit with the PlayStation 4 here at the dawn of the console’s release in Hong Kong. Sony Entertainment Hong Kong have announced that they’ll be doing a brand cross-promotion with the AAPE brand, part of the larger clothing brand Bape. This Bape clothing brand is based in Japan and sells simian-themed clothing originally inspired by Planet of the Apes.

What the first 100 customers to stand in line at Times Square in Causeway Bay will find is the possibility of purchasing a special edition “AAPE x PS4” package, complete with super-limited-edition bits and pieces. In this package will be an AAPE x PS4 special edition t-shirt, a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation Vita Wi-fi B unit, and one more item.

The final item in the package is none other than a special edition tube of AAPE x PlayStation 4 screen cleaning paste. What more could you want?

BONUS: We’ve just been informed that this beyond-odd package will also include an AAPE x PS4 sit pillow. More than likely this pillow will include the classic Bape logo camouflage pattern with PlayStation symbols interspersed.


It’s unclear at the moment if this lineup will begin at a Sony store at Causeway Bay or the nearby Bape store, located at Supreme Palace – 18/F, Room A, Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438 – 444 Hennessey Road. You may very well have to ask around if you happen to be in the area.


The release of this package will take place at the same time as the first units are sold in the area, starting December 14th. PlayStation 4 units will begin to be on display in the area starting on December 8th with Killzone Shadow Fall, KNACK, NBA 2K14, and a set of other oddities.

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