PlayStation 4 two-day sales in Japan trump PS3

Some unofficial numbers on Sony's PlayStation 4 sales in Japan have surfaced by way of the Japanese website Famitsu, which says in excess of 320,000 of the next-generation consoles sold in the first two days of its availability in the nation. If accurate, the console has vastly outnumbered the number of PS3 sales that took place in the same two-day span.

Sony's PlayStation 4 just recently launched in Japan, and the sales that have taken place thus far fall on top of the 5.3 million consoles the maker has sold elsewhere in the world since its initial launch. The numbers aren't official from Sony, and so it is possible they will change at some point. If accurate, however, the PS4 has proved vastly more popular upon launch than the PS3, though still below the initial PS2 sales that took place in Japan.

The PlayStation 3 sold 88,443 consoles in Japan in the same initial two-day availability upon its own launch in the nation, less than half the stated sales numbers for the PS4. The PlayStation 2, however, had sold 630,552 consoles in the same first two-day time period, more than double the projected sales numbers of the latest iteration of the console.

This likely serves as a harsh blow against competitor Microsoft, which hasn't seen the same sort of demand in Japan with its Xbox console. The sales numbers also slightly eclipse Nintendo's two-day sales for the Wii U, which moved 310,000 consoles upon its own launch in Japan.

SOURCE: Forbes