PlayStation 4 software update bringing HDCP off and SHARE to USB

It would appear that Sony has realized the power of sharing full-sized video clips and snapshots from the PlayStation 4, as reflected in their newest firmware update for the system. This update will bring on a collection of "most-requested" changes to the PlayStation 4's software build, including several in the SHARE category. That's the SHARE button and everything inside it, mind you.

One of the simplest changes made in this newest update for March is the ability to share videos and screenshots to a USB drive. This is in stark contrast to the current video sharing system which only allows you to share to certain social networking sites – Facebook, for example, as well as Twitter. Sony's update will allow you to send files direct to a USB drive plugged in to your PlayStation 4 system.

This update will also has the ability to turn OFF HDCP. This allows you to capture gameplay via HDMI with 3rd party systems if you want to do so outside of the PS4's system itself. This will free up that tiny amount of processing power otherwise used by the recording system, giving you a more "true" picture in the end.

This firmware update will also bring longer gameplay recording clips to the system. At the moment we're not certain of the new limit, but we must assume it's significantly longer than the stop-off point with the current build.

As for streaming, Sony has added the ability for Twitch players to archive their streams. This ability was already active for PC streaming and through the Xbox One – this Microsoft system having just activated their Twitch app this month for the first time. Broadcasts through Twitch and Ustream will now also be done in 720p, far higher than past streams.

This update will be out "in coming weeks" – we'll let you know when it starts to drop.