PlayStation 4 Foxconn sabotage rumors continue swirling

Sony recently launched the PlayStation 4 in North America. Console sales were described as being "very strong" and are said to have topped the one million milestone. But while those two pieces would suggest a smooth launch, there were some issues. Sony released a zero-day software update and that annoyance hit along with some bricked and broken consoles.

The issues with the console pointed towards the inability to get a picture on the attached display and flashing blue lights. Sony has since acknowledged that a "handful" of consoles have had issues and that the number was "within our [their] expectations for a new product introduction." Looking outside though, this seems to have been attached to a rather vivid controversy theory dealing with students and Foxconn.

This stems back from a report in October about students working long overtime hours to build the PlayStation 4. It appears as if the students were forced into the overtime because they needed the credits they would be earning to move on with their studies. Basically, at this point there is some talk about how that group of students, upset, set out to sabotage the console.

To that point, there are comments from alleged students suggesting they were, and were not responsible. One comment mentioned how Foxconn was not treating them well so they "will not treat the PS4 console well." On the other side, another student tried to make it clear that if your system is broken, it is not as a result of the students.

Anyway, the key here, there has been little, if any, solid evidence suggesting this is anything more than rumor. Kotaku addressed this by noting how the "news stories in China regarding the internship sabotage allegations all seem to stem from the IGN forum, meaning that ultimately, all of this is based off of alleged sources."