PlayStation 4 firmware 4.50 is causing network issues

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 15, 2017, 6:19pm CDT
PlayStation 4 firmware 4.50 is causing network issues

Sony recently released PlayStation 4 firmware update version 4.50, bringing a bunch of updates and some new very welcomed features, such as external hard drive support for storing games. Unfortunately, the update also brought with it a major networking issue that is affecting many console owners, resulting in an inability to use a WiFi network. While some users have come up with ‘workarounds’ to get around the issue, Sony still hasn’t released a fix.

If you own a PS4, the odds are your console updated itself with the latest firmware on its own shortly after it was released. If you’ve experienced issues connecting to a WiFi network since then, the update is the likely explanation. Some users report trouble getting the console to connect, frequently getting ‘failed’ notices when trying.

Other users report being told their WiFi password is incorrect even if it’s not. Those users say they are able to connect to the network if they remove their WiFi network’s password, which is less than ideal. Affected PS4 owners say they are given error code ‘NW-31297-2.’

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t appear to have acknowledged that the update caused the issue at this point; many users say they are being told to contact their ISP for help. The only known workaround at this time is to use an Ethernet cable to get network access on the console versus WiFi. Those who don’t have access to a wired connection must use an unsecured network until the problem is resolved.

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