PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 will include different background colors and more

Following the Xbox One October update that was announced yesterday, Sony has revealed an expanded list detailing what gamers can expect from the PlayStation 4 system software 2.0 update. The latest software, which Sony has codenamed Masamune, has already been revealed to include things like Themes and Share Play — the latest news builds upon this, and includes, among other things, the option to change the home screen's background to one of several colors.

When the update arrives, users will be able to change the home screen's background to either gold, blue, red, green, pink, purple, and gray, in addition to adding a theme if desired. Joining this will be a USB Music Player for playing MP3s and similar music files from an external drive.

Much like on Facebook, the PlayStation 4 will start suggesting players that you might know in its What's New section, helping you find potential friends. The Library Area has some new sorting abilities and an improved filter, while the Content Area has received an entirely new design for faster access.

Speaking of the Library, the free PS Plus games will show a new option to "Add to Library", which shuttles the game off to the library sans download. Voice commands functionality is improved, and new commands have been tossed into the mix revolving around broadcasting. Rounding it all out will be improvements to live broadcasting, including filtering options, support for archived broadcasts, and more.