PlayStation 4 Christmas gift is a block of wood

A Christmas gift from no less than Santa Clause himself was opened this past week with a less-than-fantastic bit of content. Inside the box was a block of wood instead of the console itself. Cut to a similar size and placed in the box, apparently without signs of damage to the box itself. Amazing that Santa would have such a strange mishap, yes? As it turned out, Santa purchased this particular PS4 from a local Target store, where they were more than willing to take the box back and, in addition, give the parents of the gift-getter a $100 gift card for their trouble.

It would appear that the block of wood was sized up correctly and – perhaps – weighed in to equal that of the console and the rest of the contents of the box that were taken from the box before return. Our hypothesis is that a rather devilish gamer went out and purchased a PS4, carefully removed the tape and/or glue from the box, and removed the console and the wall cord.

Once the cord and the console – and likely the single PS4 controller that comes in the box – were all weighed, a block of wood was cut to size and placed in the box.

At that time, the piece of trash that did this mess re-sealed the box and returned it to Target.

Unfortunately it'd be very difficult to prove who did this crime unless Target took the time to do forensics testing, which isn't the cheapest set of tests to run. Seeking the likely relatively short list of returns of this specific box (The Uncharted Collection) would be a good place to start.