PlayStation 4 Camera Brings Voice And Facial Recognition

The PlayStation 4 Camera will be for more than use during game play, said Sony tonight at the Tokyo Game Show, also offering voice and facial recognition for, among other things, logging in to the system. Such follows details about the PS4's hardware, what gamers can expect from the PSN, design efforts that went into the DualShock 4 controller, and more.

The camera will allow the console's owner to start up the system and log in using the Camera, something that brings a more integrated experience to the console over the last console. Sony didn't have much to say on this particular piece of hardware, but did go on to say that it also have voice recognition in addition to facial recognition.

Such follows the myriad of other information Sony offered during its keynote this evening, during which we got a look at the PlayStation 4's hardware specifications, bringing an X86 CPU and 8GB of memory, in addition to some other particulars. Sony elected to have the CPU and GPU on the same chip to lower the cost of the unit.

Also stated was information about the PSN, with gamers being able to use real names in addition to PSN IDs with the PlayStation 4. Such a feature is not being pushed on users, however, with it being an entirely optional feature for those who find it more agreeable. This is an effort on Sony's part to expand its user base, and is something we've heard rumored for a while now.