PlayStation 4 becomes a “laptop” in PlayBook 4 mod

JC Torres - Oct 16, 2014, 7:30 am CDT
PlayStation 4 becomes a “laptop” in PlayBook 4 mod

Tired of sitting around at home all day but don’t really want to be separated from your favorite console game? That wouldn’t be a problem if you were of the Xbox One gaming type and could a afford an “xbook“. But now even PlayStation gamers can enjoy partial mobility, thanks to Ed Zarick and his latest innovation, the PlayBook 4, that gives you a portable PS4 in a laptop form. Well, not exactly a laptop and not completely portable, but “PS4 Luggage” is a less than marketable name.

Zarick has been doing these mods for quite a while now, but with a penchant for Microsoft’s consoles more than others. Thanks to the democratization brought by 3D printing, even DIY’ers like him are able to bring forth professional looking products. That is, of course, if you consider a briefcase-sized gaming console a product. It still boggles the mind, but apparently, these “books” have quite a following, enough for him to actually try turning it into a business.

While it does let you detach yourself from your living room, know that you are sacrificing a lot in exchange. For one, you are tying yourself down to a fixed monitor, a 22-inch 1080p Vizio display, to be exact, when you could be playing on 65-inch TVs. This isn’t also battery-operated, in case you were under that delusion. You’ll still need an AC source to power it up when you play. And it isn’t going to be light at all. Despite it’s name, the PlayBook 4 isn’t a notebook of any kind, which is somewhat too bad considering that the PS4’s internals are closest to a traditional laptop than its predecessors.

The biggest cost, however, is literal, as the PlayBook 4 will set you back $1,095 plus shipping if you already have your own PS4. If not, you’ll have to pay $1,395, plus shipping, instead. There’s an optional $50 payment for an HDMI add-on, which you might want in case you find an even better external screen wherever it is you will be taking this odd contraption to.

VIA: ExtremeTech

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