"Playing with Power" book to keep NES Classic company

Last week, Nintendo made the rather odd but nonetheless well-received announcement of a new-old console, the NES Classic. A smaller rendition of gaming history's most iconic console, the NES Classic pays homage to at least old school 30 games built into the console itself. And now to make that trip down memory lane even more complete, the gaming giant has revealed a "Playing with Power" Prima Games book that will explore the history and rich content that surrounded some of those games.

Nintendo bills the book as the perfect companion for the NES Classic, and it isn't just marketing speak. That's because the book delves into the development of 17 of the 30 games included in the console remake. While Nintendo doesn't list which games are which, the mere mention of Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and Legend of Zelda will make any gamer curious.

As for content, Nintendo promises interviews as well as commentaries from the people behind these Nintendo games. There are also art assets to be gawked at, like hand-drawn maps and character and environment art. Plus, as the ultimate throwback, book will contain snippets and "priceless excerpts" from vintage Nintendo Power magazine issues.

The book itself comes with a hardcover but is also protected by an embossed slipcase that resembles an old NES cartridge. Except exponentially larger than any cartridge known to man.

No price is set for this "Playing with Power" NES Classic companion, but launch date is noted to be November 18, about a week after the NES Classic itself launches.